Royal Orleans North Condominiums
Austin, Texas 78757

Welcome to Royal Orleans North Condominiums!

2015 Board of Directors
Thom Piliouras, DIRECTOR
Carol Hawk, DIRECTOR

All of the Royal Orleans North (RON) Directors receive the email at Feel free to contact them at any time with questions or concerns regarding our community.

Need a "For Sale" sign posted?

If you require a "For Sale"' or "For Lease" notice to be posted in one of the glass display cases in the breezeways on our property, please contact (to be determined) by email at -----. ---- will review your sign and place it in the display cases for you.
Notice of Dog-Waste Area

The Board of Directors has installed a synthetic turf area in the northwest corner of the property. This area is to be used specifically as a dog-waste area.

The material is called Perfect Turf --
PetGrassIt is made with LIFE antimicrobial protection to help eliminate odors and keep it clean. It cost less than other synthetic turfs made for dogs and will help keep other vegetation throughout the property alive and free of waste. 

The Board of Directors will be imposing fines upon those who do not utilize this area and continue to allow their dogs to run free and relieve themselves throughout other sections of the property.

RealManage is our Community Association Management Company.  
You can reach management at, or 1-866-473-2573. 

After hours emergency number: Call 1-866-473-2573, and follow the prompts for emergencies; you will be dispatched to live answering service.  
Visit the Resident Portal on the RealManage website at We encourage you to set up an account that allows you to pay dues, request service, and more.

HOA Payment Information
Mail assessment payments only to: Royal Orleans North Owner's Association Inc.
C/O RealManage
2633 McKinney Ave #130-502
Dallas, TX 75204-2581

Make checks payable to: Royal Orleans North Owner's Association Inc.

All Other Mail should be mailed to:
Royal Orleans North
c/o RealManage
P.O. Box 803555
Dallas, TX 75380 
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