Royal Orleans North Condominiums
Austin, Texas 78757

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Notice of Dog-Waste Area

 The Board of Directors has installed a synthetic turf area in the northwest corner of the property. This area is to be used specifically as a dog-waste area. 

The material is called Perfect Turf -- 
PetGrassIt is made with LIFE antimicrobial protection to help eliminate odors and keep it clean. It cost less than other synthetic turfs made for dogs and will help keep other vegetation throughout the property alive and free of waste. 

The Board of Directors will be imposing fines upon those who do not utilize this area and continue to allow their dogs to run free and relieve themselves throughout other sections of the property. 

Storage Room Info

Please label any new items placed in the storage rooms with the following information:

  1. Homeowner's name
  2. Unit #
  3. Email and/or phone number
  4. Date

We appreciate your assistance!

Laundry Room Doors

Please do not prop open the doors at the laundry facilities. If you need a copy of the laundry room key please contact RealManage to request one. The locks were placed on the laundry doors for the safety of the residents, and protection of our property.

West Nile Virus Alert
The Board asks everyone to be cautious. Please remove any empty flower pots and discard any containers that may be holding water. 


The Board of Directors wants to promote the spirit of the community and takes great pride in everyone's contributions to keeping up the beauty of our grounds. However, there are many opinions on how this should be done so we kindly ask that only the landscapers be responsible for all landscaping maintenance of the property. This includes any pruning, planting, trimming, clearing or anything that could be construed as landscaping or gardening.

If you have an idea of something that should be trimmed or planted on our property, please email the Board. We will have approved ideas carried out by our professional landscapers.


RealManage and the Directors do our best to build good working relationships with the contractors that maintain the functionality and beauty of our property. We ask that residents please refrain from having conversations with contractors. Many times they are under time constraints and/or are being paid by the hour. So please let them concentrate on their work and direct all questions to RealManage.

If you have a recommendation or concerns about any of our contractors (including the landscapers) or the work they are doing please contact the Board or RealManage. 

Trash and Recycling
We have experienced some misuse of the recycling enclosures on the North and South sides of the property. The directors have designated the center enclosures on both sides for recycling only.

This includes mixed paper, tin & aluminum cans, and plastics #1 & #2 only. Cardboard must be cut and/or broken down so that is lays flat.

Please do not throw trash in the recycling containers or on the ground and we ask that you report misuse to the board or management by phone or through our website Contact form page. The Board will have zero tolerance for incidents of this nature and fines will be assessed.

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